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Sonus Faber LILIUM Grindininė-kolonelė 800w Kaina už 1 vnt

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Sonus Faber LILIUM 800w Kaina už 1 vnt


Techniniai duomenys

  • Sistema: 3.5 išėjimas
  • Dėžė "Lyra shape" design
  • Aukštadažnis garsiakalbis: 28 mm Sonus faber "Arrow Point" DAD (Damped Apex Dome, synthesis of the classic dome and ring transducer) H28 XTR-04
  • Vidutinio dažnio garsiakalbis: 180 mm Sonus faber M18 XTR-04
  • Voferis: 180 mm Sonus faber W18 XTR-16
  • Infra woofer: 260 mm Sonus faber SW26 XT-08
  • Dažnių juosta: 20 Hz – 35.000 Hz
  • Jautrumas: 92 db SPL (2.83V/1 m)
  • Nominali varža 4 Ohm
  • Galia: 100 – 800 W
Power and grace. Dynamic and melody. Fullness and void. Kindness and impetuosity. Harmony and chaos. Seemingly opposite strong contrasts that co- exist in the music. Lilium has been designed to shape those great contrasts expressed by music. It is the will of synthesis of two opposite elements: two separate identities that, although working independently one from each other, cooperate inside the same shape. The creation of a shape that holds two distinct elements has been a big challenge from a technical point of view and from a design one as well. Everything was basically about the need find a new way to put together the large volume required

to reproduce the very low frequencies, with the structure dedicated to the reproduction of the main portion of the audible spectrum. The marked separation between these two elements is made visually clear by the use of different materials: finely wrought walnut wood for the front part and a definitely softer material – leather – for the rear enclosure. We have decided to adopt the organic style of the natural shapes, which is the family the Lilium belongs to. Undoubtedly, this result marks a further step forward in the stylistic and acoustic research by Sonus faber.


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