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Pioneer XW-BTSP70 nešiojamas Bluetooth garsiakalbis su aptX-Codec ir Smart audio technologijom

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Produkto aprašymas

Pioneer P2 Kompaktiška tinklinė HiFi sistema, Bluetooth, DLNA, AirPlay,Spotify


  • Aliuminio konstrukcija
  • Bevielis muzikos leidimas per Bluetooth ver. 2.1 + EDR (A2DP)
  • Palaiko aptX Codec skirta High-Quality Bluetooth Sound, ir SBC Codec
  • Dažnis: 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • 25 W (12.5 W + 12.5 W) 
  • 4.0 cm Pilno dažnio garsiakalbiai x 2
  • 8.0 x 4.0 cm Pasyvus radiatoriai x 2

Nesvarbu ar vienas ar prijungtas prie sistemos šis garsiakalbis stipriai pagarsins jūsų mobilųjį įrenginį

With the aptX-Codec, the portable XW-BTSP70 loudspeaker from Pioneer supports the best possible transfer route, which achieves a significantly higher sound quality than via the SBC standard procedure. Because the latency times between the sending and receipt of audio files are also greatly decreased, it is easy to simultaneously transfer the film sound and picture to the Bluetooth box. With the true wireless stereo function two XW-BTSP70s are easily connected to a complete stereo system and play out their whole sound potential. With its four components in the form of a Smart amp, composite membrane, dual passive radiator and compression reflector, the newly-developed Smart audio technology from Pioneer guarantees the best possible sound. The lithium ion accumulator in a 740-gram, light and elegant aluminium casing can play music for up to 8.5 hours.

SMART AUDIO Technologija
Smart audio technology

For clear, powerful sounds Pioneer is combining four innovative elements to create smart audio technology. The Smart Amp dynamically controls the sound reproduction, the four chassis are equipped with a composite membrane with flexible wheels for a broadband frequency scope. The bass is intensified by a dual passive radiator perfectly supported by the compression reflector.

Tikras bevielis grojimas
True wireless stereo

Connect two loudspeakers with each other wirelessly and enjoy the amazingly big picture and stereo sound as if from a hi-fi system.

Vientisa konstrukcija
From one source

The housing made from a solid aluminium block not only looks chic, it also deadens vibrations that have negative effects on the sound.

Kompaktiškas ir galingas
Compact and high-performing

The lithium ion battery allows music to be played for up to 8.5 hours and is only ready to use again in the socket after four hours. With the Smart stand-by function the Bluetooth loudspeaker is switched on as soon as a signal reaches it, either wirelessly or via the line input.

Bevielis muzikos klausymasis
Bluetooth Wireless streaming

Send your music very simply via Bluetooth to corresponding loudspeaker systems and music systems. This device supports the advanced aptX codec which, in contrast to standard procedures, can transfer the music without any negative effect on its quality. You can therefore always enjoy music in CD quality without spending very much. 

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