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Pioneer SC-LX59 namų kino stiprintuvas

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Pioneer SC-LX59 namų kino stiprintuvas, Daugia Kanalis , 9.2  Kanalų

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With nine channels with 240 watts of power and the surround-sound formats this receiver is able to cope with demanding film sounds. The casing architecture with an insulated, low-resonance chassis provides the optimal basis for clean sounds. The premium SABRE 32 bit D/A converter works jitter-free and makes music into an experience for spoiled listeners. In addition to eight HDMI inputs, the SC-LX 59 has a network for digital sound with integrated dual band WLAN, Bluetooth and USB. In this respect, DNLA and USB streaming support HiRes formats up to 192 kHz/24 bit and DSD, as well as the reproduction of multi-channel FLAC and WAV files. vTuner internet radio and Spotify are available for streaming from Cloud. AirPlay, direct connection for iOS and Android Smartphones round off this multifarious receiver.

Mėgaukis Spotify
Enjoy Spotify

With the digital streaming service Spotify enjoy millions of songs just when you want to. This receiver is ready for Spotify Connect with which you can select songs via an app and listen to on your audio system.

Dolby Atmos, DTS:X

This device supports the newest Dolby Atmos and (after a free update) DTS:X surround-sound formats. With their object-oriented designs these formats facilitate a perfect wraparound sound with precisely placed effects and realistic movement sequences in all three spatial axes. In this respect loudspeaker arrangements of up to 11.2 channels are supported.

Bevielis valdymas ir AirPlay
Streaming and AirPlay

As a network player with integrated WLAN, this device plays music files in all of the relevant formats from the home network including high-resolution DSD and FLAC files, naturally gapless and with a convenient app control. Tablets and Smartphones can be seamlessly and wirelessly integrated via AirPlay or without a network via Bluetooth.

4K Ultra-HD scaling

Give your Ultra-HD Display the food it needs. This Pioneer device is not only fully compatible with all available high-definition video signals, its high-performance video scaler also produces 4K images, even from low-resolution material. In this way, with up to 20 times as many pixels, even your old DVDs will gain a new dimension where both focus and interference are concerned.

Profesionalus garso ekvalaizeris
MCACC Professional sound equalization

MCACC Pro analyses the sounds from your loudspeakers via an accompanying microphone and adapts the volume and distance to create a completely harmonious surround sound experience. At the same time, a precisely working equalizer compensates for any disruptive influences on the room acoustics. MCACC is fully compatible with all sound formats, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

High-resolution sound – on multiple channels too!

Experience audiophile sounds in full Sound Master resolution, with HighRes downloads of your favourite albums in WAV, ALAC, FLAC and AIFF formats as well as in DSD. For the ultimate realism there is HiRes audio, now also with multiple channels in WAV and FLAC formats.

Tiesioginiai HD stiprintuvai
Direct Energy HD amplifiers

Thanks to a meticulous overhaul of all its components and uncompromising performance optimization, the Direct Energy HD amplifiers now deliver an even fuller, more powerful sound with impressive output power on all channels, even during simultaneous operation.

Lengvai valdomas
Easy to set up & complete control

The “Start-up Navi” app supports you when you are setting up your AV receiver. The integrated assistant creates all of the important settings for you, including the network settings. With the “iControlAV5” app you can subsequently control all of the important functions conveniently via your Smartphone or Tablet (iOS /Android).

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