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Pioneer SBX-B70 soundbaras vienos garso kolonėlės sistema 160W

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Pioneer SBX-B70 Vienos kolonėlės sistema 160W


  • Priekiniai garsakalbiai: 40 mm x 70 mm 
  • Integruotas Subwooferis: 100 mm Woofer x 2
  • Speciali sandari, begarsė konstrukcija
  • D Klasės stiprintuvas
  • Kanalai: 2.2-Channel
  • Galia (1 kHz, 30 % THD, 4 ohms): 160 W (Front 40 W x 2, Subwoofer 40 W x 2)
  • Galia (1 kHz, 10 % THD, 4 ohms): 130 W (Front 30 W x 2, Subwoofer 35 W x 2)


Geriausias garsas kiekvienam kanalui

The SBX-B70 network speaker base is the talented all-rounder for every occasion and combines the variety of media on offer today with a simple set-up and operating process. As a TV loudspeaker system with compact dimensions it places the right emphasis on the sound and picture. Televisions weighing up to 40 kilos will find a safe support on the robust, low-resonance MDF casing. The integrated twin subwoofer and the aero noiseless port guarantee clean and powerful bass reproduction, while the phase control technology facilitates high sound quality. The 2.2 system, with an integrated Class D loudspeaker, has a 130-watt output capacity. Via wi-fi and ethernet the base can access the local network and music sources there as well as the online streaming service Spotify. Via Bluetooth and AirPlay send songs from your mobile device directly to the speaker base or use the USB input. With the cost-free Pioneer Control App for iOS and Android the systems can be conveniently controlled via Smartphone or Tablet.

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