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Monster iSport Intensity ausinės sportinės įstatomos į ausies kanalą atsparios drėgmei su mikrofonu

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79,90 €

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Produkto aprašymas

Monster iSport Intensity ausinės sportinės įstatomos į ausies kanalą atsparios drėgmei su mikrofonu

Atsparios drėgmei ilgaamžiškos nebijančios aplinkos poveikio bei UV spindulių įstatomos į ausies kanalą ausinės, atsparūs susipainiojimui laidai ir pantentuota "Sport clip" technologija laidžianti klausytis muzikos net pačios intensyviausios treniruotės metu.


Techninės charakteristikos:

kištukas 3,5mm, 93 g.

Amp Your Intensity
iSport™ Intensity sweat-proof in ear headphones deliver pure audio adrenaline and clarity with a comfortable fit that stays put through your most rigorous workouts.


You Move, iSport Intensity Stays Put

The iSport™ Intensity headphone delivers Pure Monster Sound™ to get you motivated and moving, while the patented SportClip™ stays in your ear no matter how intense your workout. 


Safe for Any Sport, Indoors or Out

Our patented Sound Channel design comfortably seals in heart-pounding music but keeps you safe by allowing some noise in, like traffic noise for runners or bikers. The tangle-free cord is a perfect fit for goggles, glasses, and helmets, means you can don these in-ear headphones for any sport. This is pure audio adrenaline.


Tough, Durable, UV-Protected, Sweatproof

Sweat-proof and washable with antimicrobial eartips, these sport headphones are easily rinsed clean. Use them for your most aggressive, sweat-soaked workout—indoors or out.


• Sweat-proof headphones with antimicrobial eartips for intense workouts

• SportClip keeps iSport Intensity in place during vigorous movement

• Lets in environmental noise for outdoor safety while sealing in music

• Pure Monster Sound® for audio quality to power you through

• Durable, comfortable, and convenient for any sports or workout level



  • Protective Clasp Pouch


How does the ControlTalk work?
Using ControlTalk™ Answer or end a call: Press and release the center button once to answer. Repeat to end the call. Decline an incoming call: Press and hold the center button for two seconds, then release. There will be two beeps when you let go to indicate successful operation. Play or pause a song or video: Press and release the center button. Repeat to resume. Skip to the next or previous song or chapter: Press and release the center button twice quickly to skip forward. Press and release three times quickly to skip back. Control volume: Press the (+) button to increase volume. Press the (-) button to decrease volume. Functionality will vary by device. For more information on functionality for your device, please visit ControlTalk Works










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