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Hertz Energy ES 300 30cm žemų dažnių garsiakalbis 700W subwoofer

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Energy ES subwoofers were designed to work best when used in small enclosures. However, their electro-acoustic parameters are op

Energy ES subwoofers were designed to work best when used in smallenclosures. However, their electro-acoustic parameters are optimisedfor use in many different enclosure types; both in terms of typology(sealed box, reflex, bandpass, etc.) and in size, insuringextraordinary versatility and performance. The use of a long excursionmobile voice coil and high flux density double magnet have createdsubwoofers that can stand very high power with outstanding musicalityand bursting dynamics. The special anti-scratch finish and butyl rubberrings offer protection and an aggressive look.


Product Features:

* 12" inch Hertz ENERGY LINE ES300.3 - 700W max power subwoofer

* High thermal dissipation and magnetic permeability plates, providing constant, even flux.
* Large double magnet, for perfect control under high power, high excursion conditions.
* Copper voice coil, wound on aluminium former, for startling thermal and mechanical capacity.
* Back plate vent holes, for very good thermal dissipation.
* Back Vented Spider support, for perfect symmetry under high excursion and thermal dissipation.
* Butyl rubber gasket provides ideal coupling to the mounting surface, damping basket resonance.
* Butyl rubber magnet ring provides protection against abrasions.
* Internally reinforced basket, protected from abrasions by high resistance paint.
* High current, tin-plated terminals.
* Silver plated silicone shielded lead wires for maximum reliability and conductivity.
* Basket and motor coupled and damped through special epoxy glue.
* Wide-wave, resin-bonded fibre spider for mechanical reliability and consistent parameters.
* High density Foam surround, for linear movement even under high excursion conditions.
* Water-repellent pressed paper cone.

* Max Power handling: 700W
* RMS Power handling: 350W
* Impedence: 4-ohm, single voice coil
* Frequency response: 25-250Hz
* Sensitivity: 91.6dB
* Outer diameter: 312mm
* Mounting diameter: 276mm
* Mounting depth: 128mm

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