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Denon HEOS 1 Go Pack

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Optional Go Pack for HEOS 1

The HEOS 1 Go Pack is an accessory pack consisting of 3 items: a rechargeable battery, a splashguard, a Bluetooth-USB adapter. The custom rechargeable battery connects to the bottom of the speaker and provides up to 6 hours of play time. The speakers come in black and white as do the batteries. HEOS 1 is steam proof by itself but with the addition of the splashguard, it becomes IPX4 splash proof. The Splashguard is a custom fitted silicone rubber cover for the rear ports and connections of the speaker to close and protect them. With it in place, HEOS 1 is ready for use outdoors (rain) and where risk of water splash exists e.g. poolside. The Bluetooth-USB adapter plugs into the port of the back of HEOS 1 and allows the user to stream Bluetooth audio directly to one HEOS 1 speaker alone anywhere. When Wi-Fi is available, the Bluetooth audio can be shared with other HEOS speakers in the multiform system.


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