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DENON AH-D510R Uždaro tipo stereo ausinės

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DENON AH-D510R Uždaro tipo stereo ausinės


With their smooth highs and dynamic lows, the Denon AH-D510R over-ear headphones play back your music with startling detail and fullness. The speakers have been engineered using Denon's Acoustic Optimizer system, which equalizes air pressure on both sides of the 42-millimeter speaker diaphragm to deliver a balanced, natural sound. The drivers are housed in non-resonant earcups crafted of a Hybrid Metal material, which helps absorb unwanted vibrations allowing you to hear extreme detail and definition.
Techniniai duomenys

Sound Mode


Minimum Frequency Response

8 Hz


In-line Remote

Connector Plating

Gold Plated

Connectivity Technology



32 Ohm

Cable Length

1.30 m

Maximum Frequency Response

24 kHz


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