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Bose Wave III radijas 60W

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Bose Wave III 60W, radijas


 Išmatavimai (A,P,G) : 4,2 x 14,5 x 8,6 "
Bose Wave radio III
  • Gyvybingas garsas iš naujausių Bose technologijų
  • Palaiko daugybę muzikos šaltinių
  • Integruota AM/FM patobulinta versija, ausinių ir aux jungtis
  • Dabar su naujausiom žadintuvų technologijom

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Rich, room-filling sound from a compact tabletop radio that fits just about anywhere in your home. The Wave radio III is our latest version of the product that brought radio to life in a whole new way--now with more convenience and more precise radio reception.

Wave radio III wherever you want
The Wave radio III fits in nicely wherever you like to spend your time

It comes with a built-in FM/AM tuner. Optional accessories offer much more: music from your iPod, plus Internet stations and playlists from your computer, smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth device. Your Wave radio III can be your home audio hub--with sound you'd expect from a much larger, more complicated system.

An advanced FM/AM tuner displays useful information like song titles and artists. Touch-top on/off/snooze controls and dual alarms make waking up a little easier--for both of you. You'll appreciate these welcome additions, plus the same jaw-dropping sound, elegant finish and easy operation you've come to expect from this radio.

Legendinis garsas

The original Wave radio woke up an entire industry with its unmatched sound. And that hasn't changed. Bose proprietary waveguide speaker technology combines with advanced digital electronics to deliver performance well beyond the speakers' size. Get ready to rediscover your favorite tunes with details you may have never noticed before.

Bose waveguide technology
Proprietary waveguide speaker technology allows deep, rich tones to come from a compact system
Elegantiškas paprastumas

"Setup" involves taking the radio out of the box and plugging it in. Done. It's that simple. You can operate volume, station selection and even some accessory functions with the convenient remote control.


Nauji žaisliukai

The Wave radio III features some noteworthy updates. An advanced tuner delivers more precise radio reception and displays text information, like artists and song titles, from stations that broadcast it.

Wave radio III remote
The handy, slim remote operates all radio and clock functions plus music control with Wave accessories

Waking up is now easier, thanks to touch-top controls and dual independent alarms. If you like to snooze in the morning, just tap the top of your Wave radio III to buy some extra time. No remotes or buttons to locate. The dual alarms are great for working couples who have to wake at different times.


Kas dėžėje

  • Wave  III
  • AC power cord
  • Remote control


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