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BOSE Acoustimass 5, Namų kino garso sistema

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599,00 €

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BOSE Acoustimass 5, Namų kino garso sistema


Savybės :

  • 2 x kolonėlės 
  • 1 x žemų dažnių garsiakalbis 
  • Iki 200W per kanalą
  • 2.1- kanalo
  • Varža : 4/8 Ohm


  • Garsiakalbiai : 18.95 x 8.32 x 8.49 cm
  • Žemų dažnių garsiakalbis : 35.5 x 19 x 48 cm

Pridedama : Visi reikalingi laidai

Svoris: 2 x 1 + 1 x 8.5 kg

Viska apgaubiantis garsas

Feel every nuance of your music come through in shining detail with the Acoustimass 5 Series V system. Two redesigned Direct/Reflecting® Series II speakers feature a slim profile that adds style to the sound. And a hideaway Acoustimass module delivers deep low notes for all your favorites. If there's a place for music in the larger spaces of your home, this system will fit right in.

  • Spacious stereo performance from a sleek system
  • Redesigned Direct/Reflecting Series II speakers fill the room with clear, lifelike sound
  • Deep low notes from a hideaway Acoustimass module
  • Cables and connectors included and clearly marked for easy setup with a stereo receiver

Puikus garsas. Maža konstrukcija

Direct/Reflecting Series II cube speakers sport a sleek design that catches the eye. Inside each cabinet, precisely angled drivers fill your room with spacious performance and no "sweet spots." The speakers can also mount flush to the wall with optional brackets, eliminating nearly two inches of extension compared to the previous model.

Suteik savo muzikai sprogimą

A solid bass line or a punchy drum beat helps a song come alive. Our Acoustimass module reproduces that kind of low-note performance with deep, clear precision at any volume—and without audible distortion. Place the module out of view, and all your sound will seem to pour from the tiny cube speakers.

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