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ONKYO BD-SP353 Blu-ray diskų grotuvas 5.1 Hi-Res

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Produkto aprašymas

ONKYO BD-SP353 Blu-ray diskų grotuvas 5.1 Hi-Res 

  • HDMI OUT : 480p/576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1080p/24 fps
  • Elektros sunaudojimas: 13W
  • Išmatavimai PxAxG: 435 x 58 x 249 mm
  • Svoris: 2 kg
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • USB jungtis Hi-Res
  • Skaitemeninio garso OUT
  • 2-kanalų analoginio garso OUT



Aukštos raiškos garsas iš Dolby® TrueHD ir DTS-HD Master Audio™ 
The BD-SP353’s onboard decoders bring you the lossless, studio-master quality of Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio Essential™ for Blu-ray Disc. The player outputs these formats in pure bitstream form via HDMI, meaning nothing is lost from the original recording. If you don’t have an HDMI-compatible receiver, you can still enjoy playback of standard Dolby® Digital and DTS 5.1-channel content via the onboard optical digital output.

BD-Live siūlo interaktyvesnę muziką
The BD-SP353’s BD-Live capabilities let you connect directly to the internet and access a variety of up-to-date content, such as movie previews, games, and live peer-to-peer interactions. The BD-Live specification also includes BonusView™ features, such as picture-in-picture. This function lets you view a small video in the corner of the screen while the main feature plays in the background.

Full High-Definition 1080p Vaizdas ir Palaikymas AVCHD ir DivX Plus™ HD
Blu-ray Disc delivers the most vivid and detailed video images ever seen in home theater. A disc played back on the BD-SP353 can be output in full high-definition 1080p at 24 frames per second—the native frame rate for movies. Meanwhile, the BD-SP353 offers compatibility with the increasingly popular DivX Plus™ HD (MKV) and AVCHD formats, which employ high-compression video codecs. Now you can enjoy big-screen playback of your high-definition movies and video clips recorded on a compatible camcorder.

Tęsimo funkcija - nuo ten kur nustojai žiūrėti
Continue key on the remote allows you to save where you left off last night. It lets you continue your entertainment with a snap.

1080p Vaizdo kokybės gerinimas
1080p upscaling improves your standard-def DVD pictures to Full HD, giving your collection a new lease on life.

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