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Bose® SoundTouch® 220 Namų kino sistema

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Produkto aprašymas

Bose® SoundTouch® 220 Namų kino sistema


  • Clear, spacious sound from two premium Gemstone® speaker arrays
  • Small control console with 4 HDMI™ inputs ensures the highest-quality sound from your components
  • Wirelessly play music services like Spotify and Deezer, Internet radio stations and your stored music library
  • Customises sound to fit your room for a consistent, high-quality performance
  • Bluetooth® technology is built in, so you can stream any music from any Bluetooth® device

Techniniai duomenys



Control console

  • Height: 6.40 cm
  • Width: 31.30 cm
  • Depth: 20.80 cm
  • Weight: 1.49 kg

Gemstone® speaker arrays

  • Height: 6.40 cm
  • Width: 14.10 cm
  • Depth: 10.50 cm
  • Weight: 0.40 kg

Acoustimass® module

  • Height: 28.60 cm
  • Width: 19.70 cm
  • Depth: 37.50 cm
  • Weight: 3.40 kg

Remote control

  • Height: 22.50 cm
  • Width: 5.50 cm
  • Depth: 3.00 cm
  • Weight: 0.14 kg


Console rear panel

  • 4 HDMI® inputs
  • 1 HDMI output
  • 1 Optical audio input
  • 1 Coaxial audio input
  • 1 analog audio input

Additional details

  • Power supply: Dual voltage 100-240
  • Wireless range of Acoustimass® module: Up to 9 m

In the box

Included items

  • Control console
  • 2 Gemstone® speaker arrays
  • Acoustimass® module
  • SoundTouch® wireless adapter
  • Speaker cables
  • HDMI cable
  • Power cords (2)
  • Universal IR remote with 2 AA batteries
  • ADAPTiQ® headset

Wide TV screen. Even wider sound.

The unique Bose® speaker array design inside each Gemstone® speaker works with proprietary TrueSpace® technology to create a soundstage much wider than your HDTV screen. The effect is a spacious, cinema-like experience, putting you at the centre of the action. And with no rear speakers, there's no wiring to the back of your room.

Exploring music with SoundTouch®

With SoundTouch®, you can discover and enjoy music more effortlessly than ever before. Wirelessly stream millions of songs through Spotify and Deezer, as well as Internet radio stations and your own music library. A powerful app lets you control your music from anywhere in the house with your phone or tablet. And six easily programmable presets let you play your favourite music from the app or the included universal infrared remote.

The SoundTouch® 220 system is also part of an entire family of wireless products. They all work together to play the same music in every room, or different music in different rooms.

Penetrating bass

The wireless module adds dramatic low notes to your entertainment—without adding a cable connection from the module to the speakers or console. With a signal range of 9 m, you can place it pretty much anywhere in the room. Even if hidden from view, you’ll notice the extra level of realism it provides, from a throbbing bass guitar to a thunderstorm you can actually feel.

Sound designed for your room

Wood floors, plush rugs, unique room dimensions. Believe it or not, they can all affect sound. That’s where the ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system comes in. It adjusts the speaker’s performance to the acoustics of your room, so you don’t have to change a thing. Once you've placed your speaker, just run the ADAPTiQ® system and enjoy consistent performance throughout the room from then on.


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