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BOSE Soundtouch Valdiklis

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Produkto aprašymas

BOSE Soundtouch Valdiklis, Controller

Revoliucinis valdiklis jūsų muzikai

From rock to classical, pop to jazz, there’s a whole world of streaming music for you to enjoy. The Bose® SoundTouch™ controller makes it easier and even more fun. This premium remote control works with any SoundTouch™ system to bring all your music to life, with features that enhance your experience.

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See how easy it is to access your music with the SoundTouch controller (video)

Palaikymas su SoundTouch produktais

The SoundTouch™ controller works with any SoundTouch™ Wi-Fi system. The controller is included with the SoundTouch™ Stereo JC Wi-Fi music system and SoundTouch™ SA-4 amplifier, and may be purchased as a replacement remote.

Mėgstamiausia muzika pirštu galiukuose

The SoundTouch™ controller has a unique design that beautifully combines form and function. The intuitive controls give you immediate access to your music, so you don’t need to use your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Patogus valdymas

You can adjust the volume, skip or pause songs, and turn your SoundTouch™ system on or off, from across the room. For added convenience, set up a wall-mounted cradle with the included bracket to put the controller anywhere you want. There’s a magnet in the bracket to keep the controller safely in place.

Žiūrėk kas groja

The OLED display shows you what playlist or station you're listening to on your preset. You can also preview the music on your other SoundTouch™ presets.

Nebijok judėti

You don’t have to be near your SoundTouch™ system to control your music. The SoundTouch™ controller has a range of up to 70 feet and runs on 4 AA batteries. To preserve battery time, the controller automatically goes into standby mode a few seconds after use. But it instantly wakes up anytime you place your hand near it. Choose your music, and bring the controller with you to enjoy the performance anywhere in your room. Or use the optional wall-mounted cradle and control your music from there.

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