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AKG by Harman Y50 Uždaro tipo ausinės laidinės

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Harman Kardon

Produkto aprašymas

AKG by Harman Y50 Uždaro tipo ausinės


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AKG-quality sound is yours in a comfortable headphone built to withstand the rigors of the on-the-go lifestyle – lending an inspirational sense of styling edge to keep you looking as good as the statement you're making about what's important to you.

Phenomenal sound is inspirational. So is a quality product constructed to take on the rigors of the real world? Add in complementary features to turn yesterday's listening device into a full-service means of connectivity and you've got yourself something you won't be able to let go of, let alone take off. Because AKG-quality sound is isolated and enclosed in a closed-back ear-cup design, which cancels out every other sound except the ones you want to focus in on. Lightweight and comfortable, yours is the perfect excuse to listen longer and switch between calls and music without ever getting out of your easy chair, if that's what feels good. A 1.2m detachable cable provides added freedom of movement and choice between devices while an inline remote/mic keeps things hands-free and easy. When you have to run, their fold-down, 3D-Axis design allows you to carry them in a soft pouch for safety while their bold new design platform allows you to choose from four cool colors while the iconic logo speaks to your good taste for anyone who wants to know. And they will want to know. Even before they give them a listen.

Techniniai duomenys

Driver Closed-back headphones
Frequency Response 16Hz-24kHz
Maximum Input Power 100 mW
Input Impedance 32 ohms
Sensitivity 115 dB SPL/V
Weight 190 g


  • 1  AKG Y 50 On-ear ausinės
  • 1 perdavimo laidas. Universalus, remote/mic
  • 3.5 – 6.3mm adapteris
  • Dėklas

Features & benefits

Signature AKG-quality sound with enriched bass performance

On-ear headphone with closed ear-cup design for reduced ambient noise

Long-lasting, comfortable fit with rugged, lightweight design

Detachable, 1.2m. Cable with inline, one-button remote/mic for complete hands-free accessibility

3D-Axis folding mechanism and pouch for easy storage and safe transport


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