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AKG by Harman Y-20U Į ausis įstatomos ausinės

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Harman Kardon

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AKG by Harman Y-20U Į ausis įstatomos ausinės


AKG by Harman Y-20U Black In-Ear-Headphone - in-ear design, specially angled ear-tips, closed-back, 8mm drivers, universal 1 button thomann remote with mic, 16 ohms rated impedance, 115 dB efficiency, frequency response: 13 - 22500 Hz, 19 mW maximum input, 3,5 mm plug, incl. silicone eartips in three sizes (small, medium and large) and pouch, color: black
Techniniai duomenys

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In Ear Can the headphones be used in the ear? Yes
Over Ear Can the headphones be used over the ear? No
Cordless Are the headphones Cordless? Optional requires a Bluetooth transmitter. No
Noise Cancelling Do the headphones feature active noise cancelling technology to block outside noise? No
Sensitivity Headphone sensitivity is measured in dB. The lower the figure, the more powerful the driving amplifier needs to be. Headphones for use on portables need to be of higher sensitivity than home hi-fi ones. 115
Impedance Impedance is measured in ohms and should be matched carefully to the driving amplifier for the best sound quality and reliability. 16
Frequency Response Frequency response is measure in Hz and gives an indication of how low and how high the headphones will go. 13 - 22,500
Cable Length Length of cable supplied in metres. NA
Weight Weight of headphones in grams, without packaging. NA
Plug size The size and type of plug fitted and whether an adaptor is supplied. 3.5mm is standard on most portable devices whilst home hi-fi usually accepts 6.35mm (quarter inch) size plugs. 3.5mm
Open back Open back headphones offer the most spacious sound but can leak sound, disturbing others. They also block less outside noise than closed back headphones No
Closed back Closed back headphones block out more background noise than open back ones. They also leak less sound Yes

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